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Dive (B)Log


Dive Blog

The idea of the Dive Blog is to provide you the newest stories, to show you breathtaking places and images taken by our Visionaries on their latest trips. All of them travel all around the world to find the next amazing dive spot and of course also to take the next incredible shot under the surface! Get inspired for your next trip!

  • Switch from Canon full-frame to Micro Four Third OM-D E-M1 Mark II

    For the impatient of you already looking for my conclusion: Yes, I’d do it again! With my Canon 5D MKIII I have taken countless shots in mines and caves and I was always very enthusiastic about the results. But then, the day came when
    • 31 May 2018
      This post has 10 Likes, 2 Comments and 5400 views
  • Snorkeling with Orcas

    Nearly everybody is enjoying warm climate, searching for sunny holidays, looking for diving places with crystal clear turquoise water in summer or winter time. Now try to imagine it is January, a month when most people prefer to skip the winter. Not us.
    • 18 May 2018
      This post has 4 Likes, 0 Comments and 3264 views
  • Editing underwater shots – some basic tips for post-production

    It’s after your wetsuit has dried and your suitcase has been unpacked that the real work – and sometimes fun – of underwater photography begins: You finally get to look at all those beautiful shots you took and enjoy every “aww”-moment when you discover...
    • 3 May 2018
      This post has 2 Likes, 0 Comments and 6505 views