Terms and Conditions/FAQs: Lost and Found

Lost and Found: how does it work?

- Lost and Found is a service designed to help re-united owners with cameras that have been lost.
- A set of water resistant stickers is included with eligible cameras.
- These stickers have the email address of our European customer support centre.
- Anyone finding the camera can email this address and will be asked for the serial number of the product.
- Providing the owner has registered the camera with us and signed up for our newsletter, they can be matched to the camera and contacted.
- The owner will be asked if they wish to recover the camera and how they would prefer to be contacted by the person who found it.
- They will then decide between them how best to recover the camera.

What is covered?

Olympus Tough Cameras (TG-4, TG-870, TG-Tracker and later Tough models) that are supplied with the Lost and Found promotional leaflet and bought on or after July 4th 2016

What is the duration?

The trial period of the service will run initially from July 4th 2016 to March 31st 2018 and it will be extended if it is found to be popular.

What happens if my product does not have stickers included?

You can still take part - the sticker can be bought from our webshop and as long as you register as above – you can be contacted.

Can you ship the product for me?

We are looking into this as a premium service but for the time being the return of the camera will be between you and the person who found it
Each month we will pick someone.