Patrick Shearn / Poetic Kinetics

Patrick Shearn creates site-specific, experiential public art installations that are specifically tailored to the immediate community as a unique and ephemeral experience, but he is also sensitive to the works’ digital immortality at a global level. Engaging with viewers’ expectations about their choices, illusions and time, his large-scale sculptures excite the senses with playful and inviting design that encourages interactivity. Technology and science are the backbone of Patrick’s work, influenced by a keen observation of the natural world. Growing up in a family of artists infused him with the instinct to ask "What if?" and to believe any creative endeavour is possible. His work conveys a similar sense of wonder and possibility. Most recently, he has been exploring methods of emulating flocking and schooling behaviour in birds and fish, contrasting this flowing kinetic energy with the rigid, stark forms of man-made environments. Lives and works in Los Angeles.

Poetic Kinetics is a group of artists focused on large-scale art installations, experiential design and performance production. Based in Los Angeles and with its roots in the film industry, Poetic Kinetics evolved from collaborations between skilled artists in various fields who were looking for new forms of creative expression. Poetic Kinetics brings an adventurous and enthusiastic spirit, an exploration of technology and a deep commitment to top-notch production values to each new endeavour.

Poetic Kinetics’ guiding philosophy is that everything in our man-made environment is designed; everything is a creative choice. Why not make those choices as enriching and stimulating as possible? The studio is focused on executing creative visions with world-class production values. As a group, Poetic Kinetics brings diverse disciplines and collective experience to bear on the creative process, approaching problem-solving in unexpected and unconventional ways.

On the Olympus Perspective Playgrounds Patrick Shearn / Poetic Kinetics shows/showed the following installation(s):

Berlin 2017: "Neo Prayer Flag"

The artwork "Neo Prayer Flag" is a 750 m2 installation created from metallised plastic streamers on monofilament netting, rope, elastic cord and wind currents. Suspended so that it can take advantage of movements in the surrounding air, the installation reveals small currents at play in the streamers, while fans direct the dynamic motion of the entire surface.

The shimmering, windborne shape dancing above the street invites passers-by to follow its winding path through the raw beams and girders of the Kraftwerk space. Searching for the perfect perspective or finding the artwork’s source provides viewers with an opportunity to re-engage an older way of thinking and liberate a childlike state of being. The work provides an evanescent and ephemeral viewing experience that mesmerises the viewer, just like a murmuration of starlings or a school of sardines.

Portrait © Patrick Shearn

Work © Desiree Barlow

Work © Michael Juliano


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