Maser studied Visual Communication at Art School in his home city Dublin. After studying he went on to establish himself as one of Ireland’s leading visual artist working in the urban environment. His early work, such as "They Are Us" Project (2010) was strongly influenced by typography, letterforms and sign painting, but soon after 2010 his style began to transition towards graphic representation and geometric abstraction. His works demonstrate unassuming techniques emphasizing simplicity of form.

His large scale mural work and his collaborations with artists such as musician Damien Dempsey, TED prize winner - JR, Conor Harrington, and Fintan Magee have won him notoriety not only in the graffiti world, but also have helped establish him in the contemporary art world. In November 2014 he was invited as one of 11 selected artists to produce a film to accompany the songs on U2’s 13th studio album "Songs of Innocence".

In recent years his commercial work has allowed him to explore new mediums and produce works not only on walls but canvas, video and large-scale 3D installations. In 2013 he worked with Tandem Press at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin, USA to create an edition of fine art prints, which were recently exhibited at IFPDA Print Fair 2014, New York, Ink Miami and Expo Chicago.

On the Olympus Perspective Playgrounds Maser shows/showed the following installation(s):

Berlin 2014: "Moving Together"

"Moving together" is an invitation to the viewer to move around the work or over it and rediscover space, design and a change of perspective. "Moving together" is Maser's first and largest self-built interactive installation with three-dimensional painting.

Vienna, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Cologne 2014: "Infinity Island"

The work "Infinity Island" was conceived by flora&faunavisions and created by Maser. It shows a superordinate, graphic structure that is apparently impossible for the naked eye to grasp. The different levels are accessible and encourage a playful approach to one's own perception and that of the photographer.

Dublin 2015: "Here Now"

Maser's installation "Here Now" was inspired by forests at dawn. With its further development, it invites the viewer to a nocturnal walk. Equipped with a camera, it can capture unique moments that remain hidden from the naked eye and thus become part of an invisible energy. Out of the darkness comes light, hope. It's about the moment. Circumstances and views change - just like this work of art when the visitor walks through it. His appearance brings the apparently empty space to life.

Portrait © Maser


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