Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan

Big, bright and lots of neon – the artists Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan are known around the world for their large scaffold structures adorned with geometric patterns and shapes incorporating positive messaging hand painted onto plywood. Myerscough & Morgan’s work includes the "Movement Café" (London, 2012), "Temple of Agape" (London, 2014), "Mirar y Ver", a huge camera obscura in Mexico City (2015), "Superstucture" (Sweden, 2015), "Open wide" (Austria 2016), "Sign Machine" (London, 2016), "Super Hot" (Romania, 2017), "Joy and Peace", two installations in London (2018) and "Embrace the Unknown", an outside playground for Design Indaba (Cape Town, 2018).

Morag’s mantra is "make happy those who are near and those who are far will come". Born and living in London, Morag has always been fascinated by how words, colours, patterns and structures can change brutal urban environments and their perception. With her courageous installations she creates places that have answers for the people who experience them. Places people like to be in.

Luke is a non-conformist inventor. He is fascinated by machines, rock 'n' roll and the aesthetics of the 1950s – themes that are reflected in his kinetic sculptures. His first edition "Elvis Fan" sculptures all sold to collectors. He writes and performs with his psychobilly band "The Highliners" and curated the "Let it Rock" venue at the award-winning "Vintage at Goodwood" festival.

On the Olympus Perspective Playgrounds Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan shows/showed the following installation(s):

Cologne 2018 (photokina): "Super Labyrinth"

The "Super Labyrinth" is a place that wants to be discovered and creates something new through interaction. Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan have created a colourful work of art on several levels for the Olympus Perspective Playground. The bold elaborate layered structure with its geometric patterns and messages painted on plywood – the artists' trademark – offers almost endless perspectives. Looking through the eye of the camera, letting your imagination run free, unique moments are created that allow the temporary installation to live on in the viewers’ the memories and photos. A real contrast to the hectic day at the fair, a feast for the senses and photography.


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