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Time to drink champagne and dance on the table!



Guess what? It’s Friday baby! Are you ready for the weekend?

This weekend is all about glamour and for our fashionistas out there it is time to get those stylish outfits out of the closet and turn those streets of yours into fashionable runways. 


What better way to celebrate the weekend than treating yourself to a great time with your dearest friends. Have a nice dinner together in a restaurant you always wanted to go to, dance the night away in a new club or spontaneously go on a city trip and discover new places – everything is possible!


No matter what kind of plans you have - this calls for our beautiful Fashion Accessories that will make you stand out of the crowd this weekend! For instance, the glamourous Clutch “Holy Goldie” with a matching golden Necklace Strap for that night out with the girls. It gives your little black dress a touch of glamour and is the perfect elegant highlight to your outfit.


Unless you’d prefer the Clutch “Black Like My Dress” with the stylish Necklace Strap “Be My Rockstar” for a fancy dinner with the gals. Choosing this option means that you would go for the more classic way where your Clutch complements your outfit.


Or the Bucket Bag “Into the Blue” for that spontaneous weekend trip. You need more space for your belongings? No problem! The Bucket Bag “Into the Blue” will keep your camera safe and sound and store all of your vital stuff in a fashionable way. It is not only convenient but also Nina Radmann’s newest must-have Fashion Accessory. Check out her Bucket Bag Love here!


You can’t decide? Enjoy your shopping mood and find all our Fashion Accessories here

Make sure to share your glamourous outfit with us and post it in our PEN community.