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Three scoops please!


Ice cream is available all year round; you can quickly go to the supermarket, get your favourite ice cream, pimp it with some sprinkles, watch a great movie and enjoy your delicious dessert.

On the other side, wouldn’t you agree that ice cream tastes way better in the bright sun, fresh from the ice cream parlour?


Our favourite temptation for the summer season will bring us great refreshments on the 1st of May today. What is your favourite ice cream? Are you the fruity gourmet among the ice cream lovers? Strawberry, banana, apple, mango, or lemon?

Or will the classical flavours chocolate and vanilla make your heart melt today? Neither? Okay, you are right! The classic flavours have long been replaced by ice creams such as peanut Butter Cream, Triple Chocolate Oreo or Raspberry Cheesecake!



We are curious to know what kind of ice cream flavours your city has to offer! Have you ever been on an ice cream tasting? No? Us neither - but we are officially inventing it today! Check out your local ice cream parlours, try out a combination of new flavours and tell us about your experience. Make sure to share it with your PEN community!


PS: At Fenocchio in Nice, France, there have avocado ice cream now. Can anyone top that?