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The PEN-F Clan!

The PEN-F is our most extraordinary camera, a master piece of art and design. On top of that, it scores extremely highly in performance and operability. Therefore, we call it: THE BEAST.

It looks breathtaking, shoots brilliantly and the sheer feel of it will give you goosebumps. It is the result of 80 years of camera history and technical innovations. This camera is so fabulous that we have created a special men’s community to celebrate:



Does this sound like something your boyfriend might enjoy? Is he ready to wake up the beast and become part of the PEN-F Clan? If so, tell him to join our community and experience the world of the PEN-F. Architecture, art and design at its best! A community of like-minded men who adore the finer things in life.

Is your boyfriend interested in photography, stylish and focuses on detail? It’s a lifestyle! All girls don’t feel excluded – feel free to join as well for all as we know, women are often the better photographers.

Follow our Beast on @olympus_penfclan and drop by our site for more information on our most extraordinary camera!


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