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The Bucket Bag by Lucie Ehrenbergerove


The Bucket Bag by Lucie Ehrenbergerove
Lucie Ehrenbergerove is a famous internationally-known fashion blogger, who we are delighted to call a PEN ambassador! She personally designed the Bucket Bag, which we will be raffling on our OLYMPUS Social Media channel today! Please continue to read her personal story as a blogger and as the designer of the OLYMPUS Bucket Bag.

Tell us something about you and your inspiration for fashion in your blog. How do you get inspired?

My name is Lucie and I started blogging together with my sister Nicole more than twelve years ago. It was something new at that time and we just enjoyed sharing our thoughts with a few followers. As time passed, we started talking more and more about fashion and our personal style and that is what we also focus on now. At the beginning we got really inspired by foreign fashion bloggers and different fashion magazines. Now, our readers and followers are our inspiration and we communicate with them every day about what they do, like, or want to see next.


What was your inspiration for the design of the Bucket Bag? How were you chosen to design this goody?

Some time ago I participated in the OLYMPUS Christmas competition during an event in Vienna, Austria. It was about taking different pictures connected to the functions of the OLYMPUS PEN and I could not believe it when I won! That I won the possibility to design my own OLYMPUS PEN accessory. I started working on it right away. I was sure that it is going to be a bag, a bag that at the first sight, does not really look like a typical camera bag. I wanted something practical, but fashionable at the same time. And I think the final result is just perfect!


You and your sister started your fashion blog over 12 years ago. What is your key to success? How would you encourage others?

I think the first step is to know what you are doing. What topics are you interested in and what do you want to focus on. Once you have that figured, focus on the content and make it as good as possible. Nowadays there are a lot of bloggers out there, so for anyone to be noticed, I think it is a lot about quality and originality. So just go for it and try to come up with something new!

Check out our Instagram for more Information on the *Bucket Bag Raffle*!

Great thank you to Lucie Ehrenbergerove for the beautiful design of our beloved Bucket Bag and for the Interview - Follow her and get inspired by our PEN ambassador!