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Ready...steady...go: the ultimate picnic gear for the perfect picnic session!

Hanging out with your friends, good talks, delicious food and fresh air? Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Picnic sessions are good for the soul – so let’s see what to bring for the perfect picnic session and a day filled with fun!

In order to be comfortable, don’t forget a blanket that is big enough for you and your friends. As a bonus your clothes won’t get green stains, and the blanket keeps you warm when you sit on the grass for a long time. On top of that, you will be able to move around freely. And we all know that after sitting on the grass for a while you will need to move around! Occasionally, you can let your feet feel the grass when stretching if you like to be barefoot. Our suggestion: wear slip on shoes for barefoot picnicking!

Don’t forget to bring plates, knives, forks and spoons – depending on what you are planning to eat, of course. Always bring a bin bag to clean up after yourself. Add cups to your list – perhaps for a sip of champagne in the sun? Maybe even top it with some strawberries? Otherwise, chill your white wine in the cooler and make sure to bring a bottle opener!

Next up on your list should be a container to separate the greens from the meat and also for your left-overs. A cool bag will keep everything fresh and appetising.

Besides wearing jeans, shorts and leggings, you can also always wear a long dress. It will keep you covered while sitting cross-legged and make you look amazing. To top it off, how about a cute hat? It will compliment your outfit and you won’t expose yourself to too much direct sunlight.

When the boys have found a ball to play with, you should always bring a back-up: magazines! Share the blanket with your girlfriends, read magazines and gossip about the latest trends. If you are not the magazine-type, bring some games or better still try out some techniques with your OLYMPUS PEN. Sitting with some friends as models is a great opportunity to practice portraits (TIP – try using the SCSN mode and E-Portrait as it smooths out skin!)

Watch the sunset while listening to your favourite tunes: don’t forget your Bluetooth speaker so all your friends can take turns playing their beloved songs. For longer picnic sessions, make sure to bring some candles for a cosy atmosphere.

Just to be on the safe side: bring some hand sanitizer and tissues just in case!

Did we miss substantial equipment? What do you pack for your perfect picnic session?

Capture your picnic sessions with your PEN and share it with the PEN Generation! We would love to see.