Multi-tasking - Everyday!


There is a lot of stereotypical assumptions people say about women but - if there is one thing we as powerful creatures can manage is being multi-tasking experts.

• Typing a Whats App message while choosing your outfit for tomorrow? Done!
• Watching TV, using your laptop and playing games on your smartphone at the same time? Easy!
• Putting on glamourous make-up while doing some squats? We love it! And we look even prettier.


We are truly incredible!

For all the women out there that do not believe in their multi-tasking talents, think of this: Can you slightly annoy someone and amuse yourself at the same time? We bet you can!


Flatlays are inspirational collages of your favourite items placed on a picture together.

Pick a theme, collect cool items, put them together in a fitting composition and organize it to your wishes. Turn on the level display on your PEN (press the “info” button 4 times), make use of some Art Filters and shoot right ahead.


Are you in a multi-tasking mood today?

Share your favourite Flatlays within our PEN community – we would love to see them!

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