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Happy *Mother's Day*- Guest post by Lena Terlutter






The following guest post is written by Lena Terlutter to the delight of today's *Mother's Day*.


She will describe her *Mother's Day* in Ibiza this year. Please read the instructions below in order to participate in our *Mother's Day Raffle* and have the chance to win one of our beautiful Fashion Accessories!






Guest post by Lena Terlutter:

It's always special to me to be a Mum, but getting extra spoiled by my loves on that day, makes it of course a special day to me.


Of course, I will get some beautiful flowers and a present for my Mum as well, although she would of course never admit that she waited for it ;-)


The last weeks we have been exploring Ibiza and the most beautiful thing about this was, discovering it all today!

It's a blessing to be with the kids 24/7 and to not have other appointments, stress or commitments.

As photography is such a big passion of mine, I was super happy to be able to capture our stay in beautiful pictures which I took with my OLYMPUS PEN E-PL 8.



When traveling with kids it's not possible to carry heavy photo equipment, that's a big advantage of the OLYMPUS PEN camera - it's light and easy to carry.

I also love the quality and easy to handle WiFi function about it.




I hope you enjoyed my pictures and if you like to have some more Ibiza insights and even more OLYMPUS pictures head over to my blog or Instagram!


Oh, and you can take part in a raffle and maybe be a lucky winner by following the instructuons below! Good luck!

Want to take part in our *Mother's Day Raffle*? Easy! Simply follow the instructions below and have the chance to receive an amazing belated *Mother's Day* present:

Step 1: In case you are not signed up yet, quickly click here, sign-up and refresh your browser or click here after having signed up.

In case you are already signed up, log in, and click here.

Step 2: Comment under this blog post (until the 21th of May, 2017; 23:59) and answer the question "Why is your Mum the best?"

Step 3: Patiently wait for the winner's announcement on the 22nd of May, 2017.

Please view our Terms & Conditions.




Woop woop - these prizes could be yours:


1. - 7. Prize:  Set consisting of a Shoulder Bag "Just Nude" and a Hand Strap "Just Nude"

8. - 10. Prize:  Bucket Bag "Olive En Vogue"


11. - 15. Prize:  Shoulder Strap "Ink Couture"


Make your camera a shining fashion icon itself!


  • My mother always supports me in everything I do. There's nothing better than knowing that you can always rely on her, no matter what you do and what kind of problems you have to face. Could not be any more thankful!

  • My mother is the best because she taught me how to be strong, caring and enthusiastic. And that there are more shades of life then merely black and white. She is independent, forward thinking, unfailingly just, and the strongest woman I know. She’s a career woman who raised two kids basically as a single mother, and still found time to others around her. She is always there for me, with support and unconditional love. I am so proud to be able to call her my mum.  She is my superhero. I hope one day I’m at least half the woman and mother she is!

  • My mum is the best because she is not just a mother-figure to me, but also to everyone else she comes across. She teaches me everyday to treat everyone you meet with an open heart and caring hand, no matter who they are. She teaches me to stay true to myself, no matter what others say is right or wrong, to love unconditionally, no matter how hurtful people can be, she makes the world a better place by the sheer love and devotion she spreads to those around her and I really admire that. My mum is everything and more. My mum is my best friend.

  • My mum is simply the best

    There is never a day that goes by that she isn't there for me, checking that I'm okay. I'm lucky at 43 years of age to be the person I am thanks to my mum. To have her in our life, both mine, my husband and boys. She dotes on all of us and us her. Everything I am I owe to my mum, she is my very best friend and I appreciate all that she has taught me. Writing this today, reminds me that I haven't told her this recently. I will be doing so shortly. I'm going to tell her how much I love her and appreciate all that she does. Couldn't be without her.

  • My mom is the best because I can call her my best friend. From hikes in the woods to couch talks, we always find a reason to spend time together. The pictures I take with her are the best memories.

  • Meine Mama ist einfach die Beste - sie steht mir stets mit Rat und Tat zur Seite, ist mir in jeder Lebenslage eine riesige Stütze. Sie weiß wie ich fühle, denke und handle und unterstützt mich in all meine Entscheidungen. Ohne sie wäre ich einfach nicht vollkommen!

    Sie tätigt Fehlkäufe, die sie oftmals an mich wieder loswird, und es macht so Spaß sie dabei zu beobachten wie sie sich darüber freut!

    Ich kann einfach nur sagen, Glück gehabt, dass sie meine Mama ist!

  • Not only did my mum do an amazing job of raising me, she now plays a huge part in the lives of my two little girls.  Sharing her time, love and support and we adore her for it!  :)

  • My mum is the best because she works so ard that she has no time for herself. She runs a charity that helps with wish granting for the terminally ill for 18-40 year olds, is an assistant manager and is also my rock after we lost my younger sister to cancer. If I could give her the world, I would.

  • There's no bond so strong in the entire world like with my mum,she is my best friend,and she has all the qualities I am proud to call her the best mum in entire world! I believe in Love at the first sight,because I love my mum since I opened  my Eyes....

  • Although I always tell her she's the most boring mum in the world, my mum is the person that makes my life that little bit better and safer, the one that inspire me and help me overcome any obstacle in life.  I always say when I "grow up" I want to be like her, because my mum is my everyday hero.

  • My mom is always there for me no matter how many miles I'm away. She's the one who gave me birth, raised me to the human being I am today and always supported me in fulfilling my dreams. Her heart beats in mine and I'm always very proud if someone tells me they see traits of her in me. She's one of the most beautiful human beings on that planet and I wouldn't exchange my mum for anyone else. It's a lovestory you won't have with someone else. I love you mum :)

  • My mother is my best friend, my hero and my all time favorite person on this planet. I could not live without her.. she's always supporting me in everything I do (no matter if she hates it or not..). She is there for me when I'm having a bad day. She is laughing with me at the same things and she is helping me out in every problem.

    She is simply the best and i love her to the moon and back xx

  • My mom is a Girl Boss, she always teach me to be a stronger women and also has the power to guide me in the best way, like give me a lot of concerns, in many times I found the solutions hearing only her voice. She is an angel, but have a strong personality, so now I am living far to my family, friends, everything that I know, I'm alone, but strong, because she was and she is  the best gudu of my life.

  • My Mum is the best because she will always be honest and open with me. She will be there to listen when I need a shoulder to cry on. She is the best companion for a girl's lunch or shopping day. She is fun, crazy, loveable, loyal and most importantly the only Mum I could ever want or need. The bonus is, she knows that she can rely on me for the same things because as I've grown we have become best friends. I love her more than I can put into words here.

  • Mum has always put us first. She has done everything she could to help us achieve our dreams. After my dad's series of strokes, she's become his full-time carer. She has always, always been there to care for us. That's what makes her the absolute best!

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