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Gardening, give it a try!

Are you planning to grow your very first own garden? Do you have a garden but nothing really seems to work? Did you just plant flowers on your balcony or grew fresh herbs unsuccessfully? Please don’t give up – everything new is hard at first!

Let us give you a few gardening tips that will help you overcome the first couple of steps when trying out gardening for the first time:

Very important and highly recommended is choosing flowers that are from the same region in which you are planning to plant them - they will be able to deal with the weather conditions of your region so at least the weather cannot upset your gardening plans!

For the visual eye, we recommend choosing plants with similar colours - it ensures a clean and minimalist look that will guarantee your neighbours’ astonishment. So for example, choose flowers that are blue and purple or flowers that are white and pink, they just need to be in the same colour family.

Surely, colours are always an eye-catcher and highly enjoyable during summers but if you want your garden to be beautiful all year around we recommend to plant permanent greens so your garden will also guarantee the wow factor during colder seasons.

You want to combine your design skills with your gardening attempt? Buy perennials of different sizes – it ensures a variety for the visual eye and sets a design tone.

Last but not least: Have fun experimenting and celebrate small successes!

Best of all, plant and flowers make for great images and we plan some tutorials in the future about getting the best photographs – stay tuned!