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#From where I stand


Our must-have items this summer are sunglasses & sandals and our – what a surprise – lovely OLYMPUS Fashion Accessories.

What would we even do without sunglasses? Are you also one of these girls who cannot live without them in summer? They are not only very practical and needed, they also look fabulous and complement every outfit perfectly.

For instance…

1. You meet a friend for a coffee, sun is shining on a terrace of a city café and you have a beautiful view.

2. You are at an art show in a community garden strolling through the creative space.

3. You go to a new restaurant opening on a cool rooftop bar enjoying your mojito.



Our Shoulder Bag, the Bucket Bag & our Clutch offer you the space to carry your sunglasses with you – check them out here. Our favourites this month: Shoulder Bag Black Like my Dress, Bucket Bag Olive En Vogue & Clutch Holy Goldie.

As you can see, sunglasses & sandals and our OLYMPUS Fashion Accessories are the PEN “need-haves” this summer. Different opinion? Share your summer essentials with us! Capture your must-have accessories and share it with your PEN family!