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Fell in love with Oslo by Marte Ytre-Hauge


Oslo is now my hometown, the capital of Norway. I was supposed to live here for about one year – but I fell in love. Almost five years later, I am still here, and I can’t imagine another place to live. So, let me introduce my self real quick. I’m a 23 years old Norwegian girl, which has just finished my fourth year at the university. I work as a teacher, a seller, and influencer. At my free time, I travel as much as I can, and I have deep passion for fashion, sports, and healthy food. Oslo is a city with a bunch of opportunities – and that’s maybe one reason that I’m still here! 



Let me show you my beautiful, current hometown, and some hotspots I have found - during four years in the capital of Norway. Oslo made me fell in love for so many reasons. The places, opportunities, peoples, the food, the location, shopping - you name it. 

One of my favorite spots to be creative, to chill-out and actually do my workout is in the well-known park “Frognerparken”, also known as THE VIGELAND PARK. It’s a park with so many things to see. Beautiful flowers, large and clean grasslands, witch is perfect for picnic. And the most inspiring of all: the park is filled with so many fascinating sculptures. Actually it is the world´s largest sculpture park made by one artist!

It´s 58 sculptures on the bridge, and the most famous of them is the “sinnataggen” which is a 58 centimeter tall, angry little boy.

THE ROYAL PALACE should also be on your bucket list, when you visit Oslo. The palace is the official residence of the present Norwegian monarch. It also a large park around the Royal Palace, called “the palace park” - with so many things to see. It´s so green, living and beautiful!

Actually, when you have the palace in your back, you are looking straight at the main shopping-street in town.

THE OSLO OPERAHOUSE (Norwegian: Operahuset) is also worth mentioning. It’s so nice to walk the roof of the beautiful home of THE NORWEGIAN NATIONAL OPERA HOUSE, ballet, and theatre. The building is situated in the center of Oslo, at the head of the “Oslofjord”. You may imagine that the building is an enormous glacier sliding into the fjord. And this is because of the white granite combines with Italian marble, which create the illusion of glistening ice.

Norway is known as a very expensive country, and especially Oslo. You´ll find brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Mulberry, Hermes and every lux brand near by this street - But, it doesn’t have to be expensive. The main shopping-street KARL JOHAN got plenty of shops, luxury and budget. It´s something for everyone. But be aware, on Saturdays it’s a chock full street.

Another street, called BOGSTADVEIEN is just a 10 minutes stroll through the palace-park away. This place tends to be quieter, with fewer peoples. In this street, you got a selection of Norwegian design brands like MOODS OF NORWAY and HOLZWEILER, which both make it big in the fashion industry.


If you have passion for food, Oslo can give you the best in so many ways. Go away from the shopping-streets, and in the alleys. It’s a wide selection within baked goods, vegetarian food, seafood, sushi and even RAW-food. (The national court “FÅRIKÅL”, which only consists of lamb and cabbage - should you be served homemade, in the old traditional way.)

Personally, I recommend a place called THE JUICERY (Niels Juelsgt. 29) for 100% ecological, raw- and vegan food. My favorite lunch is the Almond Acai Bowl – it´s like.. the best lunch ever!

From this area (Frogner) it´s just a short stroll down to AKER BRYGGE. That’s the perfect “dinner-spot”. Aker Brygge is the area along one arm of the Oslo Fjord, on the west side of the harbor. It’s a meeting point for eating out, and the sea offer you the best, relaxing view. If you are into art - you’ll find the newly built Astrup Fearnley ArtMuseum at the end of the sea promenade of Aker Brygge.

Go follow my INSTAGRAM @marteyh – (my main platform) if you want more updates from Oslo and Norway. I do a lot of varied pictures, because my hobby-list is so many. Thank you for letting me introduces you for my hometown and myself!

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