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An Apple a day keeps the doctor away!



Fruit is not only extremely healthy but crazily tasty. Diet experts say that 2 portions  of fruit per day are highly recommended and as the headline already states: An apple a day keeps the doctor away!



Fruit can be found everywhere this June: Mix up your favourites for a fruit salad while reading your magazine in the open air . The vitamin C will be good for your immune system! Or a fresh Smoothie on your way to work? That’s how you start your day healthy! Go for the fruit tart when sipping coffee with your friend on a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

That way you may eat two pieces of chocolate during movie night! Or choose a fruit flavoured ice-cream when getting two scoops on your Sunday afternoon walk, you will be much more motivated to go an extra round.


Real fruit lovers - creatively make fruit popsicles for themselves and magically surprise their guests with a nutritious dessert!  Others buy fruit sorbet and fruit ice-cream for the freezer and pimp it with some fresh fruit on top. Craving yogurt with fresh fruit after dinner? It is the perfect light dessert!

Wishful thinking lets you grab a fruit fresh from the tree and for all of you out there who enjoy this luxury – you are damn lucky!




Whether kiwis, lemons, tangerines, berries or mango, enjoy the beauty of fruits today! The more fruits you eat, the more vitamin C you unconsciously consume. And that, my dearest PEN community, will make your skin softer, your hair stronger, your eyes prettier and your glow magically beautiful!

What more do you want?