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MyOlympus picture description and tags
  • Guten Tag, wie geht es dir? This is a good composition with angles, straight lines, good contrast and shadows too. It's a well seen and thought out image I would say. Are you glad the weather has cooled down? it was too much, that strange light is fine but you can keep the 30c+++++ Parts of the UK have experienced flooding none more so than the dam at Toddbrook reservoir in Derbyshire where people have been evacuated as engineers try to save the dam and contain the damage. I guess it's made the news around the globe. How's your week? Another weekend upon us and the start of the football season, I thought it was still May! Have a good week.
  • Guten Abend, mir geht es gut. Ich hoffe dir geht es auch gut. Wow, it has been a long time. Sorry for my late response. I had three weeks summer vacation. In the first we explored Lisbon. The second week I did some paperwork and a little bit of cleaning out at home. In the third I did several day trips. Since this week, everyday life has started again and I have to sort a lot of pictures. Yes, football season has started here, too. I just saw that Liverpool is on top for the moment. We will see what will happen the next weeks. Have you also had or do you still have vacation, too? I wish you a good rest-week.

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