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MyOlympus picture description and tags


  • Really nice picture and very nice also the judge's comment of the Challenge. Sincere congratulations on victory, Alby!
  • thanks aemme, it was quite a surprise.
  • mi dispiace ma questa foto ,per me, non rappresenta una visione notturna .
  • I guess "into the room" isn't actually in the room as "Into the Night" isn't in the night but on the the way to the night. if the title was "The night" then I wouldn't have posted this. I based my photo on the "into" meaning getting towards as oppose to being there. ;)

  • Really great picture, but it has nothing to do with night. Also not on the way into the night. At this time of year it is not even remotely dawn. The picture was taken seven months before the competition. I don't believe that the intention "into the night" existed there. I think the topic has been missed.
  • Glad you like the photo Akhet. ;)

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