Passion for the unknown

MyOlympus picture description and tags
Looking into a man's soul in a harsh environment: intensity, passion, persistence, effort, challenge, companionship.
  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to the winners. But as for me it was a lot of pictures and better thematically and technically.

  • For sure, this is the best picture! It is dark/light/dark/light with the oposit composition we normally see. Sky is dark and floor is white. And a winner photo has always to be black and white (exept December). Its frozen! TOP

  • Bravo donc au gagnant ! conditions difficiles pour cette image montrant l'humain face à la nature hostile, certes, mais tellement graphique aussi. Parmi le très grand nombre d'images présentées, j'en ai repéré de très réussies, bien dans le thème de janvier.

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