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Photo Challenge winners 2021

Thank you to everyone who took part in our competitions last year and to celebrate the winners we have created a gallery. Take a look and remember, you have to be in it to win it.

Let us know in the comments which one is your favourite one and why! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Forward - January 2021

Winner January 2021 @agusfer

What the judge Geraint Radford said...

"I adore this image! Agusfer has captured a moment that really makes me smile. There’s a sense of humour in this photograph, and for me, that’s a winner.

Life can be tricky at times and despite our best efforts to keep moving forward, we sometimes get a little bit lost along the way, just like this pigeon!

Despite being stunning birds with lots of character and personality, pigeons are often overlooked as photographic subjects. I really love that Agusfer has transformed a common creature and an everyday scene into an epic piece of artwork. They have a great eye for story and have timed this moment with a lot of creativity.

Everything just works! The perspective and composition, the wonderful shapes and lines and the thoughtful black and white toning bring this photograph to life.

My favourite part is that the pigeon has become a character in a story that lots of us can relate to!

Together - February 2021

Winner February 2021 @mikaelsvensson

What the judge Tesni Ward said...

"For Februarys contest, the theme of ’together’ can be interpreted in many different ways and Mikael took a beautiful, artistic and abstract twist to the term with this wonderful winning photograph. The image very reminiscent of a cold, crisp February morning, which fits well with the theme month and the colour palette is gorgeous. The composition is perfect with the movement in the water acting as leading lines, drawing the viewers eye in. A great, winning image!"

Get close - March 2021

Winner March 2021 @chevita

What the judge Ireneusz Walędzik said...

"Super light, colors, detail and composition are all that captivated me in this photo.

Flowers are among us, they surround us, they are beautiful and they give joy and fragrances to our lives.

When we give them to someone we care about .. they bring us closer."

Landscape - April 2021

Winner April 2021 @antonio01

What the judge said...

"I know this place well and the landscape is very catchy and impressive itself. I appreciate the simplicity of the composition with strong use of the golden ratio principle, which keeps everything balanced in a soft harmony. The colours in the sky could be a little bit less saturated, but the colour toning with combination of warm orange / yellow and cold purple / pink adds to the overall harmony. There's also a great "communication" between the two trees on tops of the hills, even strenghten by a diagonal line of the further hill and supplemented by other diagonals, which are great and important composition elements in this photo."

Bokeh - May 2021

Winner May 2021 @GeorgSchuh

What the judge Jari Peltomäki said...

"Light is such a important thing in photography and this image stood out from the rest when I went through the images. After second and longer look I liked this image even more! Photographer has been in a right place at the right time and obviously he /she has planned the image carefully. This beautifully composed and exposed image of fungus deserved to be winning image in my opinion. Image also shows beautiful bokeh which was theme of this month competition."

Nature - June 2021

Winner June 2021 @Juanangelr

What the judge Javier Camacho said...

"Great atmosphere captured by the photographer, with the mist and the magical backlighting between the branches of the trees, creating a perfect natural landscape. The human element gives a sense of scale to this beautiful picture."

Hot - July 2021

Winner July 2021 @JanetMiles

What the judge Louise Nordström Pettersson said...

"I love that the photographer interpreted this months theme in two different ways in one photo a hot chili surrounding by hot flames. I love that the photographer set it all up on a mirror to create a beautiful reflection in the bottom of the photo. The dark background makes it pop and the movement in the fire makes the photo come to life."

Adventure - August 2021

Winner August 2021 @GillesHrd

What the judge Adrian Rohnfelder said...

"“Adventures begin where plans end.”

For me, this photo visualizes perfectly what constitutes an adventure: Freedom, risking something new, leaving the beaten track and making new experiences. In addition, I like the simple composition, the centered orientation against the common rules and the color mix. It is a photo that awakens emotions and remains in the memory."

Into the forest - September 2021

Winner September 2021 @Wildlife62

What the judge Geraint Radford said...

"WOW…What a photograph! The light, shadows and colour are absolutely beautiful! There’s an empathy towards your subject which is clear in this image. Congratulations on a truly spectacular moment you’ve captured perfectly."

Small subjects, big adventures - October 2021

Winner October 2021 @JmVegter

What the judge Arend Spaans said...

"It must be such a joy to capture shots like this while nature is still sound asleep. It's a excellent stack and the complementary colours make the whole picture stand out. Congratulations on winning your price!"

Into the night - November 2021

Winner November 2021 @Ajophotog

What the judge Hannu Huhtamo said...

"I really like the dramatic and dreamy atmosphere in this image. The stones look like a road or a path that is "calling" to step into the night. Long exposure gives nice smooth and milky look to the water. That pole in the middle looks like a traffic sign which gives even more that road feeling to the image."

Winter wonderland - December 2021

Winner December 2021 @pidedahl

What the judge Hannu Huhtamo said...

I chose this photo because it has an interesting storyline. There is a beautiful winter atmosphere with an excellent light and the use of excellent Olympus technology stands out in the photos.

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