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Combining passions with a profession

When your passion becomes your job, it usually means two things: the amount of work you do goes through the roof, and you get paid to do what you love. Both are rewarding.

As a professional photographer based in the scenic country of Norway, I have seen how photography has changed in recent years. In my opinion, too much of the visuality we all are fed is based around hunting for quick hero-shots that don’t really invite the viewer into a story. This reduces photographs and the possibly engaging narrative behind them to mere attention grabbers, suited to fast-paced consumerism and social media content.

Even though my age doesn't yet allow me to be called 'old school', I do prefer the traditional photo story over a quick hero-image any day. Creating something just for the joy of it is what keeps my spark alive and balances the parts of being a working pro that are not always that interesting. And a big part of that joy is storytelling.